Vinnter AB is a company being a part of Vinngroup AB, or Vinn* if you like. Vinn* is a group of companies that to a high degree rely on a consultancy business model. The group contains a wide range of highly specialised companies in such disparate arenas ranging from brand protection to IT architecture and on to advanced optics calculations and through to product design. Just to name a few areas.

Vinnter’s contribution to the group is to provide our customers with highly skilled and experienced teams of software and business developers in the area of connected things. A few years ago the buzzword was IoT (Internet of Things), and in some forum it still is. There were a number of combinations and differing acronyms involving IoT as well. We try to move away from using IoT and instead make the area a bit wider, including not only Internet connected things. We don’t want to limit our business or solutions to just involve Internet connectivity.

At Vinnter we know all technical stuff from electronics design to development of cloud services and mobile applications. We might knowledge wise be the most broadly tech skilled of the companies in the group.

But everything isn’t about technology. Even more important for success is the user and business perspective on an idea. Therefore we also have people skilled in asking the hard questions of why. If we know about the why it is so much easier to find out the how and what, which leads to whom and when.

There are no one raising any eyebrows today when someone claims to be agile. So are we and we strongly believes in the power of agile methods for achieving the highest quality and best result, both for our customer and the end user.

Therefore we often work in a three step rocket, ending in a longer commitment in development activities or a DevOps relationship.


  • Workshop(s)
  • Research
  • Innovation activities
  • Mock-ups
  • Concepts
  • Story Telling


  • Build PoC/prototype
  • Useage data analysis
  • Measurement data analysis
  • Build conclusion
  • Build knowledge
  • Try — Inspect — Adapt


  • Deliver Scrum Teams
  • SW/HW Dev
  • Test Dev
  • Test and analysis
  • Measure and analyze
  • Build Dashboard/Management Tools
  • Try — Inspect — Adapt