Recruitment success at Vinnter

During the spring and summer we at Vinnter have been working extremely hard to find new employees to hire to the best working place in Göteborg (yes, we might be prejudiced in this judgement… 😁 ). And the Vinnter recruitment success has finally appeared. We have been working with several tools and services in parallell since the autumn of 2018, but during the early spring we decided to give LinkedIn job

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Wishing you all a great summer!

The year of 2019 has been a great one for Vinnter. Lots of things have happened and much more is still to change before we may consider ourselves “done”. Of course we never get “done”, since this is not how the world works. Our customers are in constant change and so do we need to be. But it is not for the sake of changing, it is about adapting to

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