At Vinnter AB we are always on the lookout for skilled people to join the rest of us. We do hands-on business development, architecture and development in the arena of connected things. We try to make our customer’s products smarter. We greatly value entrepreneurial spirit within our employees. We focus our energy on finding solutions, not on limitations given by problems.

We are at the moment very busy and therefore looking for more people to employ. The aim is to be 20 or more by the end of 2019. The main categories of skilled people that we are looking for, without excluding other skills that you might have, are electrical engineering, embedded software development, cloud software and system development (AWS/Azure), back- and frontend developers (HTML/CSS, Java, C/C++, C# and many more) and app developers (Android, iOS).

You can’t find your skills in the list above, but think they are related to connecting things? Contact us anyway! 

Often we find ourselves working in early phases of a project during a few sprints, building a proof of concept or a prototype, that hopefully leads further to a production assignment in the end. We know how important it is to work with prototyping when it comes to innovation. Through the insights given by our prototypes, we hope to achieve a long term relationship to our clients, and an execution phase which aim for a releasable product.

Primarily we sell teams to work on projects in-house or at the customer premises. We do not deal with what is considered to be “resource consulting”. We want to have a heart in what we offer our clients. The productivity is greatly increased when a competent and experienced team is set to solve a problem. For our clients, this lead to better products more quickly.

Through our entrepreneurial mindset we contribute to our customer’s business success, without being management consultants. We are technology agnostic and instead work with the technologies that are best suited to solve our customer’s problems. But there are some things we like more and we try to be better at than others.

When developing connected things we try to excel in:

  • Cloud technology and tools 
  • Software development skills of various kinds 
  • Wireless technologies and available mobile services and networks 
  • Leading agile teams and maximising customer value 
  • Open source as well as available commercial tools to deliver value quickly 
  • Software architecture and system integration capabilities 
  • Hardware design and development to create special hardware components for our assignments

Areas where we are building competence, and where you have a great opportunity of making great impact, are: 

  • Artificial intelligens (AI) 
  • Big data 
  • Analytics 
  • Robotics

If you feel attracted by any of the above we want you to apply for a job with us, disregarding if you have a few years or plus ten years of experience. We are in need of building our next excellence team and in that we need complementary skills, experiences and personalities.

Working at Vinnter

We encourage all types of people to apply and we especially like to mix our work day with all available genders, nationalities and specialities.

At Vinnter we practice respect for each other as colleagues, friends and deeply skilled professionals. We want to onboard more people that are curious on new things and want to develop our customers both in business and technology. We believe in commitment and are therefore offering our employees the opportunities of becoming shareholders in our future.

We are no suit-and-tie-management-consultancy. Instead we require our employees to be hands-on, to have a strong sense of personal responsibility and an ability to stay customer focused. We believe this to be the best management consultant ever.

Open positions

Currently we are especially keen to find people to hire on the below positions:

If you want to know more about us and the opportunities we can offer, please feel free to contact Michael Wallenius through LinkedIn, or send an email with your details to

If you have additional questions and would like to speak to a human, please call Michael Wallenius on his mobile, +46 703 200 200.