After Work!

The top place to be in! All companies being a part of Vinngroup has got the opportunity of enjoying one of the most entrepreneurial, innovative and most likeable office in Göteborg. The top floor is always ready for a party and enjoying your lunch box outside on the roof is nothing close to a dull industrial area facility or restaurant.

Friday afternoon the roof is alway open and full with people enjoying the lovely sunny Göteborg weather (it always is sunny on our roof… it is in Borås it is raining).

Come join us here! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a customer, an employee or just a temporary visitor. You will always be warmly welcomed to join us.

Work is Play!

Work is supposed to be fun. We try to excel at this important task. Everything can’t be fun, exciting and innovation, but we really try to make as much as possible to be just that. And this is true disregarding if it is in interactions with our clients or between colleagues in the group.

At Vinnter we have the luxury to enjoy lovely office spaces at day where we get involved with each other, and a fantastic top floor for our after work events at evenings, or that party Friday night.

Relax and Activate

Here we get it out all out of our systems! Work hard and play harder, some say. Sometimes you both work and play too hard, and need a retreat to sit down and relax in. Without any fear of being interrupted in your quest for calm and quiet you may sit down in any of the sofas or relaxation areas available in the house of Vinngroup.

We live in a flexible office space where the activity is high and furniture are moving around from time to time. Therefore you never need to get the feeling of things being stagnant. One day you find new neighbours in your vicinity, and sometimes the relaxation area has moved somewhere else. Just go look, and you’ll find.