From idea to reality

From electronics design to the app

Are we really solving the true problem? This is a key question to ask in a project. We believe in the power of Design Thinking.

Here we start with creating empathy for the end users actual problems. We create hypothesis’ of what the true problem is and what we believe could be a solution. Through experiments, proof of concepts or prototypes we verify if the hypothesis is correct or needs tweeking. What wows with the user is what should be built!

When creating the final product or service, we use agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban. When our solutions are to be transferred into a production state, we turn to the concepts and ideas of DevOps.

Core Competencies

Embedded Development

Almost everything is run by code these days. Writing code for embedded electronics is not trivial.

Efficient and small

There are so many additional things to think of if you aim for an efficient and secure thing connected to Internet.

Things so special that you need developers with a special set of skills for the task.

Cloud and Backend

In the backend of a system a lot of things happen without the users being aware of all the hard work being invested.​

It just works

There is seldom any option to using services provided by the large cloud providers. The increase in productivity and decrease in need of special skills are huge.

This is one of our main competences and they are necessary in virtually every project.

Electronics Design

With unique electronic designed to measure or control something we may create unique experiences.​

Prototype batches

We can make our own designs and bake our own PCB cards to use in a prototype or pilot project.

When we have straightened out the problems we make sure that it is ready for large scale release we let one of our partners for large scale production take over.

Business Development

We do not develop things for the sake of it. We do what makes sense and develop the business as well as the technology​.

Find the business reasons

It is easy to get attracted by beautiful technology, products and possibilities. To not get fooled by this we try to help our customers in finding the business in their development projects. Without business reasons a product or service is set to fail.


Some say fail fast. We prefer to succeed quickly!
Prototypes shares knowledge on the problem and the solution.​

True discovery

Prototyping let you discover new problems to solve. And this is ultra-important! Discover early.

The alternative would be to release a flawed product.

Team Lead

Herding a flock of cats isn't easy. Software development is an art and to get something out the door we need people to lead.​

No easy day

Even self-propelled teams need someone to lead the way forward. Not by telling the team what and how to do things. It is more of being a competent coach and leading the way toward the vision.