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The artists of connections.

The connected challenge

The world is becoming increasingly complex in all aspects. The challenges are numerous and ranges from understanding the user to be able to implement advanced mathematical models through software code. Vinnter provide its clients with competent and dedicated consultants, not only to Göteborg, but to all of the world’s businesses in need.

We work in the arena of internet of things. The connected challenge is not for single geniuses or experts. It is for teams only and there is a high demand for strong leadership and managerial capacity as well as coding skills.

At Vinnter you find all these different competencies, experiences and skills that are needed to take on a connected project.

Almost anything can be connected

Even if the heading above is true, there is no meaning to connect something just because you can. There must be a valid reason for doing it. The world is becoming increasingly complex in all aspects. The challenges are numerous and ranges from understanding the user to be able to implement advanced mathematical models through software code.

Health care


The consultancy services we offer our customers are business analysis, leadership, software architects and developers and electronics engineers.

We are capable of delivering solutions from the idea stage on to a hardware and software solution ready to mass produce.

We love to work through all the below stages.

Explore and experiment

Find the real problem

To fully understand the problem and its solutions you need to explore and experiment around the problem you are set to solve.

You can do this in many ways, and we especially like the methodology of Design Thinking.

Evaluate and develop


When you have a hypothesis of what the actual problem is, personas involved and how you are going to solve it, you start your product backlog.

Develop - Test - Improve. Repeat!

Release and scale

There is no end

When you know what actually wows the users, you start your journey towards a release. Your first release is the path to increase. Let your solution grow in functionality as you learn more about your users.

The artists of connections

Choosing Vinnter is choosing a provider who thinks creatively to find new solutions, providing great experiences for its customers.

With great competence and dedication we create designed solutions for reliable function. We put an obvious pride in delivering quality in whatever we do.

For us, that is the art of connections.

Give yourself a new career

We are constantly on the lookout for new people to join the rest of us curious, competent and
sharing people at Vinnter.

If you want to work with our fantastic clients connected business and further improve their products and services, you should contact us immediately.


Connectivity Platform

Lagerstedt & Krantz

A solid ground to build connectivity for multiple businesses

Connectivity Platform

Lagerstedt & Krantz (LK) is a provider of heating and hydronic solutions. They develop and market several products and solutions through several companies in the group.

Our contribution is to create a platform in Azure that allows for connectivity between existing and future systems.

Fire Control

Unique Pyrotechnic
Controlling the queues of events at pyrotechnical shows

Fire Control

Unique Pyrotechnic is Scandinavia's leading supplier of fireworks and special effects for TV production, anniversaries, concerts and other public events.

We have built everything from the electronics to the software controlling a show's need of precise fire control.


Quality improvements by understanding usage


Every time a welder completes a pass, a trove of data is infused in the weld. That data has the power to inform future decisions, improve productivity, and understand the quality of the weld.

We have been involved for many years building solutions for gateways and software.

Car Connectivity

Volvo Cars

Interface to control car features

Car Connectivity

The demands on the car manufacturers of today are enormous. The not only need to create a premium car experience, they also need to have it fully connected and possible to control from any place on the earth.

Vinnter has been part of creating this interface to the Volvo.

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