Distinguished hands-on builders, developers and tech strategists out to define and implement your connected future.
The connected challenge
Companies of today experience cut-throat competition and are required to develop advanced products with more features faster than ever before. The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the promise of a new connected product paradigm, bound to change the business and industrial landscape as we know it.

It´s been argued that the IoT and the connected product revolution hardly adds anything new. The technologies involved have indeed been in place for some time. But it would be a mistake to see it as an ongoing revolution in technology, it is rather a revolution in market offer.

With connected products, companies will be able to reformulate their actual market offer and move into the digital service space. The product companies of the present are hence the software and service companies of the future, posing many implementation challenges.

Vinnter help companies stay competitive and take the leap into our shared connected future.
What we do.
We help businesses understand, evaluate and capitalise on the IoT and the connected product revolution.
We industrialise innovation, creating new connected products and digital services that redefines the market.
We secure and accelerate advanced product development, which is helping our customers develop better products faster.
We promise not to quote Gartner´s huge number of devices predictions, but the connected product revolution is for real and here now.

In the Industry of Things 2016 survey, over 1200 development managers from leading international companies were asked on their current IoT implementation stage.
33 %
IoT enabling technologies are already in place
23 %
In the implementation process now
34 %
Planning to implement in the next 12 months
What we deliver.
Connected product
value proposition design
We use our own methodology, based on modern design thinking, to define and state your connected product offer as well as its technical implications.
Proof-of-concept and rapid prototype development
We are proficient in developing hardware and software concepts fast. We implement solutions used to evaluate specific technologies, benchmark connectivity services or extract near real-time sensor data.
Advanced systems and product development
We are thoroughly skilled in hands-on software and hardware development as well as the toolchains and methodologies needed to design and test them effectively.
What we know.
Embedded software development
Embedded software development is at our very core.
We handle embedded software development regardless of chosen processor and real-time operating system, if any at all. We are also experienced in sensor integration of a number of different sensor types.
Hardware design
Our expertise covers hardware design from scratch, complete go-to-manufacturing documentation, strategic selection of hardware manufacturers and compliance testing. On our premises we have the possibility for small series hardware prototype production.
Communications and connectivity
We have a deep understanding of cloud and edge connectivity including specifics of the communication protocols and standards involved. To be able to offer worldwide cloud connectivity, we have partnered up with leading telecom operators with an international coverage.
Cloud services and IoT platforms
We are proficient in the leading services Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We are also system integrator partner to leading IoT platform provider ThingWorx.
Our use of established cloud services and IoT platforms enables swift proof-of-concept development and lessened development time in production solutions.
Service design methodology
We use service design thinking as a toolbox to focus on actual end-user value of a product or service. Using our structured workshop format we get companies aligned on their connected product ambitions and goals.

We are hiring. Right now.

We currently have a number of open positions. If you feel you can contribute to Vinnter´s journey, you are more than welcome to contact us. Come by for a nice chat over a good cup of coffee on Kvarnberget, why don´t you?
Our spirit
Our office
Our team
We like this. And we like that too. Some of us actually like other stuff.
This is our hangout and where we dwell. Sometimes we go upstairs for some perspective and some sun.
This is us. All of us. And we are all good at what we do.
Anders Berg
Solution architect and embedded software developer

Niklas Berggren
Embedded software developer

Tony Akiki
Embedded software developer

Peter Faltpihl
Hardware designer

Gustav Evertsson
Embedded software developer

Oscar Hellström
Embedded software developer

Eric Michelsen

Mattias Sahlén
Embedded software developer

Christian Sandén
Embedded software developer

Gustav Santesson
Embedded software developer

Björn Adolfsson
Solution architect and back-end Software developer

Jakob Stenfeldt
Senior Project Leader & Agile coach

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We love technical challenges, especially if they involve sensors, hardware and connectivity.
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