Senior Embedded Developer for IoT

We are offering experienced and competent embedded developers a fantastic opportunity to become an employee in an entrepreneurial and different-thinking consultant company!

What we are offering

We are offering experienced and competent embedded developers a fantastic opportunity to become an employee in an entrepreneurial and different-thinking consultant company!

What you will be doing here

As an embedded developer at Vinnter, you will be involved in solving problems with code that are closer to the hardware than most other opportunities. You will do this for start-ups as well as world-leading large companies. We are based out of Gothenburg, Sweden, so the involvement in the future of automotive is hard to avoid, but this type of development work is more often related to other businesses.

Another common type of customer to us is the industrial company in need of digitalization of their products and services. Here we may get involved in everything from the business and culture of the company to implementing bleeding edge technology.

We like team players that take responsibility and drive their own initiatives. If you are that kind of developer and have your own ideas, you will be listened to.   

Who we are

At Vinnter we do hands-on business development, architecture, and development in the arena of connected things. We make our customer’s products smarter. 

Often, we find ourselves working in early phases of a project during a few sprints, building a proof of concept or a prototype. Through the insights given by our prototypes, we move into a long-term agile relationship with our clients aiming for a high quality and desirable product.

We are a proud part of Vinngroup AB, consisting of 14 sibling companies with different specialties in the digitalisation arena. We aim to become 28 employees at Vinnter by the end of the year. In the whole group, we are more than 300 lovely people. At Vinnter we enjoy one of Gothenburg’s best offices at the top of Kvarnberget. Our lunches at the roof terrace are stunning, looking out towards the sea and Älvsborgsbron.

We aim to sell teams that jointly solve our customers problems. The reason for this is all in the interest of the customer. This leads to increased productivity and a better result delivered at the right time. 

Requirements for this position


  • Embedded software development (C/C++, Python, Java, Kotlin or other relevant programming language)
  • Scrum, or other similar agile methodology
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Cloud services
  • Wireless communication (WiFi, Bluetooth, mesh, SMS/3G/4G/LTE)
  • Meriting is if you also are capable of getting down with electronics design


  • Participated in or lead several (> 3) embedded development projects
  • At least 3 years working experience within the embedded development area
  • At least 5 years of experience within software development of any kind
  • Working in an agile environment for at least 1 year (DevTeam member, Scrum Master or Product Owner)
  • Embedded OS environments (Linux embedded, mBedOS


  • Preferably a Master of Science degree (Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Applied Physics)
  • or, Bachelors degree in any of the above types of educational areas
  • or, relevant polytechnic school with proven track record
  • or, excellent proven track record with relevant references to share


  • Customer first, team and myself after that…
  • Problems are gifts given to us with love. They are not to be complained about… They are to be solved.
  • I am not stronger than the team…
  • Work should be play, so I contribute to that…
  • I live in a sharing economy, so my knowledge is your knowledge…
  • I am different, and so are others. Differences makes us better… I like differences!

Dare to change your future, now!

We encourage all types of gender and nationalities to apply since we know that excellence springs out of bringing complementing skills, cultures, and experiences together. 

Send us your CV and personal letter via this form on our web site.

If you want to know more about us and the opportunities we can offer, please feel free to contact Michael Wallenius through LinkedIn, or send him an email with your contact details and questions to

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