Benedikt Ivarsson

Benedikt is a cool, calm and collected superhero coming to Sweden from our neighbour Iceland. He has got extensive experience from a range of different employments and companies and his competence is broad.

He is an ambitious an honest leader is doing everything within his power to achieve a satisfied customer and a job well done. He consider it to be easy to look at the bigger picture when it comes to selecting a solution when facing a project.

With his positive attitude he makes a good team player as well as a good leader. His educational background is in Software Engineering, Project Management, IT Infrastructure and Enterprise

Specialties: Finding solutions, Flexible management, Project management, Product development, Pre-sale, Consulting, iOS, Object-C, C, C++, C#, Java, Hosting Services, Integration, Microsoft Sharepoint, Kiosk, NCR, CRM, Provisioning, Mediation, Telco solutions, Health care systems, NATO, Financial Management, Product development.

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