Björn Adolfsson

Björn is one of Vinnter’s top architects and certified AWS Solution Architect.

His long experience from developing solutions for the automotive sector has made him an extremely versatile and experienced developer and software architect. He has a strong focus on creating value for the customer.

His experience in developing large scale applications with high uptime demands and high performance requirements has made him an important factor for success in our customer projects.

The technology stack he is capable to work in is extensive, but the base is a JVM running on a Linux OS. To that he loves to include any necessary and useful framework.

Many developers tend to leave the actual art of coding in favour of becoming a streamlined architect instead. This is not the case for Björn. He still loves the craftwork of software development and problem solution that comes with the territory. He try to code as much as he can, even though his role as software architect also demands drawing “pictures with three boxes connected with lines”…

If you want to get to know Björn closer, try his LinkedIn profile.