Gustav Evertsson

Gustav is an extremely versatile and competent employee to Vinnter. He claims that his best days in life come when he is allowed to solve complex technical problems. He is an active participant in the team discussions around a problem and is truly a person that goes outside the box to solve the problem together with others.

Since Gustav is both a professional and hobbyist when it comes to software development he has experience from a wide range of different projects and problem solving. Among the tools, technologies and techniques he has experience from we count C/C++, Java, C#, Php, Javascript, MySQL, Clear Case, Telelogic TAU, Eclipse, Clear Quest, Perl and SDL.

He is a true innovator when it comes to embedded software solutions and his broad competence comes to great use in all customer projects where he gets involved.

If you want to know more on Gustav’s experiences, take a look at his profile at LinkedIn.