Michael Wallenius

Michael is a passionate entrepreneur that has got a strong academic background through an M.Sc. in Applied Physics and an MBA with Innovation Management as a focus area. He has started several own companies and held numerous managerial positions within the private sector as well as government owned organisations.

Although his leadership experiences and aspirations are strong, the joy in technology and technical business development has never left him. He loves to find himself in a position in-between the market demand and the tech possibilities, and try to match these for a customer’s benefit and success.

After his studies at Chalmers University of Technology he started with mobile data studies with the Swedish telecom operator Telia, at a time when the GSM networks were brand new and the world was turning from analog mobile telephony systems to digital. He has had the opportunity of seeing and experiencing the fantastic evolution of technology, products and services within mobile data. Everybody knew that it would take off, and the tipping point came with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, along with some other capabilities that had grown more mature at that time.

In one way or another Michael has continued his focus in the arena of mobility and his heart is pounding for everything wireless that brings business opportunities.

If you want to know more about Michael, you can find it at LinkedIn.