Frida Malm

Frida is curious and solution-oriented, with a broad experience in Software Development. She possesses expertise in full-stack development, proficiently handling both backend and frontend tasks, spanning from database management to user interface design. Frida’s professional experience includes working on diverse projects, from a complex legacy banking system with stringent security requirements, to a small-scale HR […]

Anna Aspholmer

Anna is a team-player who thrives in a high tempo technical autonomous team. She goes well with all types of people, loves problem solving and enjoys delivering as a team while having fun.   As a person Anna is driven, organized, calm, team-oriented, value-focused and ambitious. She has the ability to see the whole picture while […]

Is IoT good for the climate?

Are you one of those managers that need to do something about your organization’s sustainability and think that you don’t have the resources for technical projects, since you need to focus on your sustainability image? You are not alone.  However, the interesting question is if there is a conflict in choosing between them? Sometimes it […]

Tom Victor

Tom is a highly skilled engineer with experience in both hardware and software engineering. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University, India, and has a talent for breaking down complex technical problems and finding solutions. He has a diverse background, having started his career as an entrepreneur with […]

Johanna Ternström

Johanna is passionate about bringing successful and profitable products and services to the market. She has a background within digital product management from both start-ups and global enterprises bringing successful cloud solutions and services to the market. She’s been working with a wide range of companies within different industries, that all share the goal to […]

The importance of AI to secure IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnectedness of physical devices, such as smartphones, appliances, and vehicles, through the internet. These devices are equipped with sensors and actuators that allow them to collect and share data, enabling them to communicate with one another and make decisions without human intervention. The rapid development and deployment […]

Linus Ekvall

Linus is a curious and creative tech enthusiast that breathes innovation. He enjoys the process of turning ideas into products and making them part of reality. This is something he likes to do both professionally and in his spare time. As an embedded software developer he is focused, persistent and also enjoys going into neighboring […]

Linus Sjunnesson

Linus is for the moment our newest and youngest recruit. Straight out of gymnasium Linus charmed us at Vinnter with his enthusiasm and drive to become a better software developer to the extent that we just couldn’t let him leave after his practicing period was over. To further test him we gave him the test […]

Senior Embedded Developer for IoT

We are offering experienced and competent embedded developers a fantastic opportunity to become an employee in an entrepreneurial and different-thinking consultant company!

An interview with Dilan Ustunyagiz

Hello and welcome to another Vinnter staff spotlight, where this time it’s the turn of Dilan Ustunyagiz who has some fascinating perspectives when it comes to cultural differences between countries, life as a professional woman in 2021, and much more besides. What was life like growing up in Istanbul and how does the town where […]