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An interview with Dilan Ustunyagiz

Hello and welcome to another Vinnter staff spotlight, where this time it’s the turn of Dilan Ustunyagiz who has some fascinating perspectives when it comes to cultural differences between countries, life as a professional woman in 2021, and much more...

An interview with Hena Hodzic

Originally from Sarajevo in Bosnia, Hena Hodžić is currently based in the second largest city in Sweden. She takes a leading role within Vinnter as an electronics developer, and develops software for embedded systems. In this interview, we discuss her...

The importance of AI to secure IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnectedness of physical devices, such as smartphones, appliances, and vehicles, through the internet. These devices are equipped with sensors and actuators that allow them to collect and share data, enabling them to...

Servitisation: Benefits And Best Practices

Servitisation is a complex-sounding word that encapsulates a simple idea: shifting from a reliance on products as a driver for economic growth, to an emphasis on delivering services that complement a particular product, and give the consumer a more rounded...

Is IoT good for the climate?

Are you one of those managers that need to do something about your organization’s sustainability and think that you don’t have the resources for technical projects, since you need to focus on your sustainability image? You are not alone.  However,...